I Buy Historical Military Items: If you don't want to read all there verbiage below, and just want to contact me -

call (336) 918-5913

It started long ago...
When I was a kid, my Mother used to take me along to her favorite antique stores and the old Sedgefield Flea Market outside of Greensboro, NC. She would look for nick-nacks or furniture, and I started collecting WWII items. That started a life-long collecting hobby that has covered interest from The Revolutionary War to Vietnam.
Some things never change! I still frequent antique stores, flea markets, gun shows, collector shows, and I also advertise to "Buy Military Souvenirs"... All in an effort to add to my collection. If I do not want an item personally, I may still buy it to sell or trade with friends, fellow collectors or public and private museums.
If you have anything to sell, please shoot me an email or call.
I'm looking for:
Helmets, Medals, Patches, Uniforms, Daggers, Swords, Knives, Holsters, Web Gear, Hats, Plaques, Berets, Ribbons, Unit Crests, Photographs, Flags, Banners and related items... you name it, I'd like to talk to you about it!
Revolutionary War - Civil War - Span. Am. War, WWI, WWII, Korea, and the Vietnam War, I'm looking for all of it...German, Japanese, U.S. and other great nations of our world history.
Before you sell, talk to me for a no games, cash offer - don't sell your items short! Your privacy is assured and references provided upon request. What's in YOUR closet?
Thank a Veteran today... We owe them everything!
Skip Pickett